Activities in the kingdom of vettisriket

Årdal is a place characterised by huge contrasts. Årdal is where the Sognefjord leaves the water and meets the mountains of Jotunheimen. The distance between fjord and mountain is small, and there is only 20km (12.4miles) between the landscape of the fjords and the alpine high mountains. Årdal has warm woods of pine as well as deciduous forests, idyllic valleys and dramatic mountain sides all of which is found side by side. A contrasting landscape also means there is great variation in the experiences and activities you can undertake. Årdal offers amazing experiences simply by going for a walk, you can go for lengthy bike rides into the mountain on a huge network of construction paths, you can go cross country skiing or downhill skiing, ride your bike up or down hills, climb and walk along the glaciers, go kayaking in the fjord, the lake and in the rivers, you can go fishing for salmon or trout or simply go for short walks to amazing viewpoints, eat good food and relax in the village itself. During the summer Årdal is a great place to visit for families with children, with a shopping centre, cinema, outside swimming pool, library and easily accessible nature experiences right there on your doorstep.