About SITLA HOTEL & Apartment

Sitla Hotel is found centrally in Øvre (upper) Årdal within short travel to natural marvels such as the valley of Utladalen Landscape Conservation Area, the Vettisfossen waterfall and the Jotunheimen National Park. This makes it a perfect base for travelling in the mountains.

For bookings call +47 57665800.

a brief history

Sitla Hotel has played different parts throughout history. At the start of its existence what is now known as Sitla Hotel, was a youth home. Øvre (upper) Årdal didn’t have its own church, so the basement at Sitla was also used as a church for a few years.

Farnes church was built in 1970, and the building that up until then had been used as a church at Sitla was now repurposed into the social establishment “Slusken”. Slusken is a local name for “rallarane”, meaning someone who works in road construction, especially railways, and is in honour of those that worked on building the impressive old road up the mountain towards Heirsnosi in Årdal. You can walk this road today from Sitla Hotel, and it’s a lovely walk for someone who wants to get to the top of the “1000-Metre” and see how beautiful the village, the Årdalsvatnet Lake and the mountain of Bøttejuvet look from a bird’s eye view.

Slusken was only in existence for a few years, and ever since different associations and organisations have utilised the building for different purposes. Sitla is now a self-service hotel with good standards and different room options suited to different needs, both for long term and short term stays.